Michael Jai White: Suge Knight Thought I Had Beef With Him When I Saw Him in Malibu (Part 21)

Part 1: https://youtu.be/HClJ9cRlYD4
In the latest clip, DJ Vlad told Michael Jai White Akon's story about a member of his team knocking out Suge Knight. White explained that he'd run into Suge a number of times before describing a particular time when the ran into each other a restaurant in Malibu. He said he spotted Suge having a good time with his lady and decided to approach him. When he got near the Death Row Records co-founder, he Suge became startled and felt threatened. 

When White calmed Suge down, the former music executive explained that he didn't know if they had beef or not and the two shared a laugh over the encounter. White explained that he's witnessed the other, more positive side of Suge, and said that most people with tough public personas often have big hearts, including himself.