I built a Cabin in 2020 - Start to Finish

2020 was a strange year. I built a cabin through it which helped me through it. I had no experience prior to this, I made some small mistakes, some big mistakes, and somehow got through it all in one piece.

Questions? Read this article! - https://www.fieldmag.com/articles/how-to-build-cabin-for-cheap-diy-timelapse-video

Be sure to stay tuned for the full cost breakdown video!

Every Episode - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iS19Nij5Hp0&list=PLXEq5y7DSSMM6hz_ZkJ2Zc1qp93y3LEBS&ab_channel=WoodnessGoodness

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I'm in a Podcast! - https://open.spotify.com/episode/0rJlwvMCgdDbyjANFcsR6a?si=7-A-4pHsRfadkFBvXKxSrA

Instagram - @woodness.goodness

Music in order:
14 min "Planted" Ben Potter
16 min "Sunset" Flint
18.5 min "Hitting the Atmosphere" by RazBurg
21.5 min "White Lies" Lumane
25 min "The Void" Naski
27 min "Helios" Michael FK

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